Alea, taking an advantage of its qualified staff and the wide experience of Zanola in the production of plastic particulars and moulds, offers a highly strategic service for injection moulding: concerning airmoulding and bi-component moulding accomplished by the company through the application of advanced technologies and using its machineries for specific processes. Thanks to our moulding department re-organized in 2014, the company is able to follow, with efficiency and professionalism, the small and large production and pre-series.

Our department works on 3 shifts and there is a shift supervisor for each one, and two technical managers that supervise the production of plastic particulars. Zanola network, also allows Alea to carry out maintenance interventions on the moulds in short-time and with the best quality.

The company provides the following processes beside the machine:

  • Pad printing: printing on plastic, logos or every kind of writing
  • Laser engraving: process that allows to engrave logos or writings on the mould or on the moulded product.
  • Milling beside the machine: finishing of the moulded product using two PROXON milling presses.
  • Digital ultrasonic welder: the weld of plastic particulars using mechanic vibrations with SONOMAX.
  • Gas flamer: to print on certain surfaces may be necessary to subject the pieces to a flaming process
Alea uses and applies the most advanced technologies in the process of injection moulding. In particular, the company applies:

  • Airmoulding: the innovative moulding with gas draining for high thickness plastic parts
  • Bi-component moulding: all of our presses are equipped for bi-injection moulding

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