Alea, with Zanola support and its multi-year experience in the sector of injection moulds construction, offers to its clients a highly strategic service in the trial of the moulds and tryouts. In addition, Alea deals with pre-series and the launch of thermoplastic injection mould productions.

The specialized knowledge in the characteristics of injection moulds and the properties of thermoplastic materials allows Alea to offer to its clients an impeccable trial and a dedicated technical consultancy, to guarantee the maxim mould efficiency and support an optimization of the production cycle.

Our highly qualified colleagues commit themselves to find the most appropriate solution, offering to the client a thermoplastic mould according to his specific requests.

To carry out a pre-series mould trial and tryout, Alea makes completely available a highly technological machinery park. In addition, the company extend a dynamic and qualified service of immediate intervention offering the chance – in case of a problem during the injection moulding phase – to make use of Zanola express operators for welding, polishing, adjustments and maintenance of injection moulds. In the Alea moulding department is available, for all its clients, a guest room, an office beside the press provided with free Wi-Fi, Mini-bar and working bench.


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